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Size: 1413x566 | Tagged: safe, artist:denovoanew, artist:xxcheerupxxx, derpibooru import, starlight glimmer, sunburst, sunset shimmer, trixie, oc, oc:firecracker, oc:firework, oc:moonlight twinkle, pegasus, unicorn, aunt and niece, brother and sister, cousins, family tree, female, gradient background, horn, image, jpeg, lesbian, magical lesbian spawn, male, offspring, parent:starlight glimmer, parent:sunburst, parent:sunset shimmer, parent:trixie, parent:unknown, parents:shimmerglimmer, parents:startrix, parents:suntrix, pegasus oc, polyamory, shipping, siblings, sisters, startrixset, sunny siblings, uncle and niece, unicorn oc, wings


This is the first piece in a series I hope to do with family trees
So first off we have the Sun family! Consisting of Sunburst & Sunset Shimmer
In my headcanon/AU, Sunset & Sunburst are siblings, which I do have to say messed with my original ship planning.

So our characters and relationships are as follows:
Sunburst X Unknown mother had Firework & Firecracker
Sunburst & Sunset Shimmer are siblings, signified by the Purple line
Sunset, Starlight & Trixie are married and parents to their 6 daughters
Now all except Moonlight Twinkle have names
On the picture you can see the ships for each SunStarTrix daughter above them

Base by xxCheerUpxxx on DA

Speedpaint link

Sunburst, Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer & Trixie Lulamoon belong to MLP:FIM
All bottom row characters belong to me
Firecracker & last SunStarTrix Unicorn were designed by Wolfina21

safe2284727 artist:denovoanew15 artist:xxcheerupxxx124 derpibooru import2664030 starlight glimmer63727 sunburst9511 sunset shimmer85731 trixie84248 oc1013613 oc:firecracker49 oc:firework88 oc:moonlight twinkle4 pegasus461910 unicorn497370 aunt and niece611 brother and sister6669 cousins970 family tree543 female1448749 gradient background21617 horn160924 image949072 jpeg351305 lesbian130618 magical lesbian spawn16236 male501971 offspring51642 parent:starlight glimmer1971 parent:sunburst1582 parent:sunset shimmer2101 parent:trixie2414 parent:unknown64 parents:shimmerglimmer160 parents:startrix419 parents:suntrix84 pegasus oc31717 polyamory7896 shipping263540 siblings20259 sisters15621 startrixset46 sunny siblings154 uncle and niece137 unicorn oc26730 wings240185